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That's a cool site! :):)
Angela definitely deserves this!
Nicole Smith

Parabéns, o site está muito bonito.
Trata-se de uma cantora de méritos reconhecidos e merece essa homenagem.
José Carlos

Finally we have another fansite for Angela! Thanks for creating this site, it's beautiful.
Lullalit Supatravanij (Lulu)

I have just "bumped" into your site and I think it is very beautiful.
I enjoyed the many pictures from Tosca.
You have created a wonderful site
Thank you
Anca from Romania

Just a word of thanks for the great site. I can't get enough of the art of Angela. Special thanks for the multimedia download link of the Silver Jubilee Concert, what a performance. I hope it comes out on DVD soon. I wish more of Angela's Opera performances were available as well (I have 5 so far). Keep up the good work.

Ross Yukawa

North America needs more of Angela and after her appearance in New York on 31 December with Maazel and New York Philharmonic that was exceptional, anyone who loves a lyric soprano voice coupled with the charisma that emanates from Angela will want more to be sure. I have all of her recordings and film Tosca and am always drawn to the voice and characterizations she brings to each role. Let us hope she visits Toronto !!  Congratulations to the web-site.

B. A. Meighan


I have just discovered your site and thought I should congratulate you on its content.
Excellent, and it would be interesting to know how you met this hugely talented lady.

Could you recommend your three most favourite CDs/DVDs of her work.


It is nice to know there are others who appreciate how wonderful ANGELA GHEORGHIU can sing. In my opinion she is the greatest soprano singing right now,and I don't that people realise how great she really is. I have seen ANGELA sing at the met, there are no words to discribe the feeling I get from listening to her, Ilisten to her sing every single day. My name is RICHARD LA RICCIA I live in ohio I'm 64 years old and I love opera especially italian opera.

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